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Very Impressed

  1. State Of The Art Equipment

    For my varicose veins I had Laser, CO2 foam sclerotherapy and regular sclerotherapy, 3 session total, the team is very friendly, Dr Roizental did all the procedures. They have state of the art equipme…Read More


Results are great

  1. Facial Telangiectasia

    I had laser done to my facial telangiectasia, the red little veins in my nose, in just one session with laser, the telangiectasia went away. Fantastic results!!…Read More


See how simple an in-office laser procedure can help to cure all types of varicose veins, and other related issues.

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A cosmetic problem that can be easily treated in the office with sclerotherapy, CO2 sclerotherapy and laser

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Peripheral vascular arterial disease can be treated with minimally invasive techniques, most as an outpatient

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