Will insurance cover the cost of the intervention?
Health insurance covers ENDOVASCULAR LASER Ablation and MINIFLEBECTOMY of greater and lesser saphenous veins and collateral varicose veins. The insurance does NOT cover cosmetic sclerotherapy or laser for spider veins.

Is laser ablation painful?
It is not a painful procedure, is performed under in the office under local anesthesia, is ambulatory and does not require sutures. The results are better than a regular Saphenectomy performed in the operating room,  with a faster recovery.

Does Laser works in spider veins?
LASER is indicated for some spider veins. Usually, it is combined with sclerotherapy, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy or laser ablation of the saphenous vein. Every patient is different. We should evaluate the patient and give proper recommendations.

How do I know if the saphenous vein has reflux or is damaged?
A  Doppler ultrasound must be performed during the first visit, in the office, as part of the physical exam.
You may schedule your consultation, and after the initial evaluation, treatment will be recommended.

Is sclerotherapy painful, will I need many sessions?
Spider veins are treated with sclerotherapy and sometimes laser, it is not painful, some patients refer a mild burning sensation during injection. Usually, more than one session is needed, if so, a second or third session is performed within 3 to 4 weeks. A retouch session may be needed yearly.

I have red spider veins in my face, and nose, can laser be done?
Yes, laser treatment of facial telangiectasia or spider veins in the face and nose is routinely done with excellent results

I have had a venous ulcer for a long time, can it be treated?
Yes, venous ulcers respond very well if the cause is treated, usually laser ablation of the saphenous vein and sclerotherapy of feeding veins
Within a few weeks following treatment, the ulcer will heal.

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